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Mr Zen Art Gallery, Phuket

15 Dec

I never got to meet Mr Zen, but I stumbled upon his gallery and lapped it up. Dig his pix:







The John Gallery – Chiang Mai

28 Sep

We discovered a wonderful shop in Chiang Mai today. It was a haven of hill tribe goods, ranging from art to decorations, jewellery to tools.


However, after poking around for a while we found out that it had a sister shop a few doors down, The John Gallery. It was amazing.

A house-cum-workshop-cum-gallery-cum-shop, The John Gallery is home to John Monoon and over 10,000 works of art all painted by the man himself. A self trained painter, John creates psychedelic and dreamy interpretations of local temples, scenery, and 20th century masterpieces (he has painted some truly wonderful Picasso interpretations); accompanying each piece is an uplifting message, a hokey cliches, or just some oft-quoted rock lyrics.

the man himself: John Monoon

His works of art adorn t-shirts, pebbles, fabric wall hangings, postcards, bookmarks, headbands, books. All of which is housed in a tiny, winding den of a shop beset with cubby holes full of designs and paintings at every turn.

John has amassed his pieces over just 30 years, and in his own words:


I bought a small CD holder/coffee table book for 1000 baht (£20 – totes worth it) – there’s some pix below.

Meanwhile, if you’re ever in Chiang Mai you can find The John Gallery @ 330 Tha Pae Road.




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