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Roxy Bar, Phuket

15 Dec

This place is my favourite bar of the entire trip. We go there to play pool and drink every night, the barman is a legend – a long haired, tattooed Thai in pseudo-rasta clothes called Pod – and the vibe is top.

All the locals are really friendly expats, and the bar is soundtracked by a playlist that rivals The Garden State’s in terms of brilliance: classic rock, classic indie, little known dance gems, and the occasional pop treat. Love it. I have to pop over the laptop every so often ro check the song so I can Download it when I get home!

Last night they had a live music night.

The act were Arvie, the singer, and Dennis, guitar/backing vox. They were awesome. Arvie’s voice was stunning, she was owning all her covers and made Jessie J look especially ordinary. She would destroy X Factor and should definitely be signed (not that doing well on X Factor equals talent, it’s just a measure so the kids will understand!)

Here we are with the madam herself



A trip to Chiang Mai Walking Street market

30 Sep

There’s a huge Sunday night market in Chiang Mai wherein the roads are closed and, what I can only describe as an ant nest like array of market stalls swarm over the streets.

It’s so narrow that at times the way is almost impassable (especially with the amount of Chinese tourists that appear from nowhere. They only move in herds, like water buffalo or some other herding creature)



There’s people and tat as far as the eye can see.


There’s amazing art work for sale. It’s a shame we can’t take it with us. Fuck posting it, it would probs end up in Antarctica.

We stumbled on a beauty pageant in one cul-de-sac and slowly, awkwardly, backed away.

So much tat for sale

As well as bare jewellery stalls…

We were too pussy to eat any insects. Maybe next time.


Who buys these creepy little guys?

Their eyes are closed and their mouths are open…some made a cock into mouth joke already please…

This Thai couple looked like Edward and Tubbs from The League of Gentlemen, and we’re playing what sounded like the theme song from Nausicaa!

These guys are here every week and attend the local school for the blind. People fucking love them, they’re like the blind Beatles, jamming away through the night.

And finally, here are some clothes that made me laugh.



THC – Chiang Mai

27 Sep

THC is one of several rooftop bars in Chiang Mai, and arguably the best (unless tanned, topless middle aged men are your cup of tea)

As you could probs guess from its name/logo/homemade hemp clothing/joint smoking DJ, the name of the game is chilling and vibing: tables are ankle high and seats are cushions on the floor. Naturally, there’s a no shoes policy.

Deep house beats with a reggae tinge flowed all night long. However prices aren’t the cheapest.

It has good toilet graffiti