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Bears (that look like other things)

12 Oct

When we were at Kuangsi Waterfall Park yesterday checking out the Sun Bears, I stumbled over a ‘wall of bears’ – like a police suspect lineup.

However, whoever made it didn’t seem to know what bears looked like…

1.The Sun Bear

aka ‘The Sad Bear’

2. Asiatic Black Bear

aka ‘The muzzle in the night’

3. Panda

aka ‘White Snorlax

4. Sloth Bear

aka ‘So slothful I’ll just look like the Asiatic Black Bear instead of being original bro bear’

5. Spectacled Bear

aka the ‘I wish I was a penguin bear’

6. American Black Bear

aka ‘Rasta Bear’ – “gimme dat peek-er-neek bar-sket mon”

7. Brown Bear

aka the ‘Horse bear’

8. Polar Bear

aka the ‘Goat bear’ or ‘that thing from Where The Wild Things Are’



11 Oct

I always wanted to take a photo like this.


A pseudo-post

15 Sep

You’ve come too far wary traveller, reading this is like hanging out with Crusoe before he found Friday (man not ball), boring and delusional.

Go back, avert ye eyes upward you silly person:

You’ll be able to read more stuff here in the near future… so have a little patience please. It’s not like I’m going to sit here and make up four months worth of posts…

In fact, why are you reading this? In fact, why am I still writing this?

just scroll up already. x