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Broken Promises

4 Dec

She made us promise to come back and buy something from her. She made me take a photo of her with Hannah so we wouldn’t go back. We actually made sure we went back.

But she was gone.

Why would she break our hearts like that?


phone stolen in Vietnam

17 Nov

My phone got stolen by some Vietnamese cunt in Dalat. Updates will come soon I promise.


24 Oct

After visiting Konglor we left Ba Hin the following morning after having waited for the bank to open because we were all skint!


We took a tuk-tuk for 2/3 hours to Lak Sao, the main bus port for crossing into Vietnam from Laos, via Don Phao. It was rammed full of people so I opted for the, tried and tested, more comfortable option of just hanging out the back #probackpacker


As usual our journey was longer than planned as we had to drop everyone off on the way

Ba Hin to Lak Sao = 3 hours

Lak Sao is another little dust bowl town in central Laos offering little more than its decent sized bus station. There were quite a few Viets on our bus so I think they get a lot of traders stopping through. We had wait for 2 hours here and were harassed by an old woman selling eggs until we bought something!



Our minivan was quite empty until 5 minutes before we left in which it suddenly filled up with people and boxes of goods!

I was rammed into a corner next to a Viet guy, who somehow commandeered my phone and spent an hour going though my photos and listening to my music, he liked Passion Pit. He then gave me his number, his name was Thiep.

It took us several hours to reach the Viet border crossing at Don Phao, but we breezed through that

And hopped back on the bus, destination Vinh, Vietnam.
Lak Sao to Don Phao = 3/4 hours

We had to change to a local bus at one of the stops and it was horrendous. There were maybe seats for 16 people (and bearing in mind all our huge backpacks were under our feet) but the ‘conductor’ keep letting more and more people on until it was jammed with 50 odd people! I was scrunched up in a corner for hours, stiff and achey; but at least the I had a window seat!

Vietnam: flat and endless
Don Phao to Vinh = 4 hours

By the time we reached Vinh it was getting late and we just wanted to get off the bus and stretch our legs. Big mistake. We had no idea where we’d gotten off or where the train station was… Somehow whilst flagging down a taxi we ended up flagging down, and getting on, a bus to Saigon that assured us it was heading to a train station before driving back the way we’d just come! We had to kick up a fucking storm just to get let off and ended up in the middle of a highway. Sketchy. Thankfully we managed to flag 2 taxis down and get to the train station, taking a sleeper train to Hanoi.

we drank our sorrows away on the train, £0.60 per can
Vinh to Hanoi = 8 hours

The sleeper train was uncomfortable and Hannah and I had top bunks, with maybe 30cm between the roof and our mattress… We got to Hanoi at 4:30am and were almost scammed into buying some over priced tickets by some dickhead who wouldn’t leave us alone, claiming the train was sold out. We ignored him and finally escaped to the ticket office and grabbed our tickets to Lao Cai.

We left at 6am, a fast turnaround, and had to make do with shitty train food for the next ten hours!

sausage that tasted of dog food

tasty sticky rice doughnut
The views on the way grew more s d more wild as headed north.

bye Hanoi

Hanoi to Lao Cai = 10+ hours

Our spirits were sagging after travelling for over 30 odd hours now so we bartered half heartedly for a minivan from Lao Cai to Sa Pa, finally jumping in at a not unreasonable (but hugely inflated) 75,000 dong.
Lao Cai to Sa Pa = 1 1/2 hour

Finally we reached our destination!

total travel time (including waits between) = 36 1/2 hours


24 Sep

I am no longer immune to Mosquitos. I made it almost a fucking week without a bite #tatters

if I masturbated as much as I itch this thing, I’d have nought but a bloody stump by now…