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Roxy Bar, Phuket

15 Dec

This place is my favourite bar of the entire trip. We go there to play pool and drink every night, the barman is a legend – a long haired, tattooed Thai in pseudo-rasta clothes called Pod – and the vibe is top.

All the locals are really friendly expats, and the bar is soundtracked by a playlist that rivals The Garden State’s in terms of brilliance: classic rock, classic indie, little known dance gems, and the occasional pop treat. Love it. I have to pop over the laptop every so often ro check the song so I can Download it when I get home!

Last night they had a live music night.

The act were Arvie, the singer, and Dennis, guitar/backing vox. They were awesome. Arvie’s voice was stunning, she was owning all her covers and made Jessie J look especially ordinary. She would destroy X Factor and should definitely be signed (not that doing well on X Factor equals talent, it’s just a measure so the kids will understand!)

Here we are with the madam herself



An ode to icecream

15 Dec

In between ferries I had time for an ice lolly. Check this gem out,


Not only is it banana flavoured, but it looks like a banana! Including a frozen jelly peelable skin. Import this to Britain NOW and I may just stop complaining about the lack of Maxibons back home.

Ps. If anyone else misses Maxibons please leave a comment. together we can make a difference.

gone but not forgotten

Mr Zen Art Gallery, Phuket

15 Dec

I never got to meet Mr Zen, but I stumbled upon his gallery and lapped it up. Dig his pix:






A temple full of penises

15 Dec

We went in an island tour whilst in Krabi during which we came across this shrine:


Yep, dem’s a whole lotta wangs. Apparently it is a shrine for local people who go and pray for their family, good luck, prosperity (#theusualsuspects). The only difference is that the local goddess is a fertility goddess, so every single offering is a PENIS.

You can get big ones, little ones, coloured ones, boring ones, pretty ones, etc, etc. it’s kind of like Pokemon except a lot more erotic – ‘gotta wank ’em all, Cockemon’


Don’t let fish smoke

12 Dec

So that’s why you don’t smoke on the beach.


Fire on the beach

12 Dec

I wish I could instagram these photos I took of a fire spinner. Gawd I’m so trendayyyy



Fish Foot Massage

4 Dec

Fish “massages” – they’re actually just eating you really lazily – seem to be en vogue in England at the moment, so we thought we’d give it a go, especially as it was only $2 for 30 minutes. Peanuts

Remember: the more fish there are around my feet, the dirtier it means I am.

not too bad…

am I really that dir-

sweet mother of god!!!

Anyway, we both survived, and we both now weigh a fair bit lighter after having our feet eaten off! Result.