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Cafe Barn, Phuket

15 Dec

Cafe Barn is a pleasant little cafe just down the road from the Anfield Cafe (see below). With minimalist decor, comfy sofas and architecture & design mags on every table it was a really nice place to lounge, drink coffee and read for an hour or so!

I had a delicious (if a little pricey) homemade brownie that was super rich and gooey, along with a hot chocolate (read: hot frotholate). It was nice but certainly no Cacao Nong (see: Vietnam).

Good shit


Anfield Cafe, Phuket

15 Dec

We came across this delightful restaurant-cum-cafe-cum-bar (ergh, distinctions…) in the old part of Phuket Town, which is somewhat unsurprisingly located on Phuket.

I don’t know where they got the lettering from but it’s impressive, as is the array of collectible scarfs hanging from the ceiling, the pick of which is obvs Arsenal’s 1999 double winners scarf (that is my own unbiased opinion…)

The people who own and run the place are Joe and his Ma and Pa, a collection of three wonderful Thais, who speak perfect English and love having guests. We’ve gone back 4 days in the trot to eat, drink and chat footsie with Joe and his Dad.

The food itself is cheap and tasty, both are perennial qualities of a decent meal in my book.

Above is the pan fried chicken and cashew nut with rice. The oyster sauce that the meat and cashews is cooked in is delicious, and the cashews add a new dimension to the plain chickeny taste of chicken. The rice was nice (if anyone from Uncle Ben’s is reading this, email me and we’ll talk slogans).

One of the best all round places we’ve been to, insofar that when they got an order wrong they let us have the dish on the house, rather than blaming us for ordering wrong like most other Thai restaurants!

Excellent, excellent shit!

An ode to icecream

15 Dec

In between ferries I had time for an ice lolly. Check this gem out,


Not only is it banana flavoured, but it looks like a banana! Including a frozen jelly peelable skin. Import this to Britain NOW and I may just stop complaining about the lack of Maxibons back home.

Ps. If anyone else misses Maxibons please leave a comment. together we can make a difference.

gone but not forgotten

Street Pancake, Koh Tao

12 Dec

This might not look like much:

In fact it probably looks awful. Well, let me tell you that it’s fucking delicious! A banana and chocolate pancake with extra condensed milk is the bomb.

Furthermore, the chef/cook/pancake maker had so much flair and je ne sais quoi that if a movie called ‘Pancake’ was ever made, then Tom Cruise would have play the main guy. I’ve never seen anyone dispose of a banana skin with such finesse. He would devotedly win Britain’s Got Talent, whilst simultaneously sating everyone’s appetite.


Zu Chilli, Koh Tao, Thailand

12 Dec

Zu Chilli was tucked away in Sairee Village on Koh Tao. It was busy most nights, being full of hungry divers. If you can’t beat off on them, might as well join them (oop, saucy).

I had the seafood Pad Thai: prawns and squid, wonderfully seasoned noodles, lime zest, and ground peanuts as a condiment (which fast becoming essential to my diet!)


Tasty and affordable at 70-80 baht. The portions are decent but as it’s so tasty I always want more.

Very good shit.

The Red Piano, Siem Reap

1 Dec

The Red Piano was Angelina Jolie’s favourite hangout in Siem Reap when she filmed Tomb Raider, so after a hard day of sightseeing at Angkor Wat it seemed like the perfect place to fill up our hungry bellies.

The vibe was pleasant and relaxing, and the chairs were insanely comfortable. However, the service was a little slow which was a shame.

Anyway, I ordered the fried noodles with beef and was pleasantly surprised at both it’s quality and size.

The beef was tender and juicy, the noodles were fresh (and thankfully not microwaveable ones), and the ‘sauce’ was seasoned just right – not overbearing but each flavour could be tasted.

Very good shit.

Viva!, Siem Reap

1 Dec

Viva is a pleasant little restaurant on Pub Street (yes, that actually exists) in Siem Reap.

Whilst the eighth wonder of the world sits down the road, the chefs at Viva! are working wonders in the kitchen with both Mexican and local Khmer food.

I hadn’t had much local food so I opted for the fish Amok (I actually asked for chicken but got fish), which came beautifully presented in a banana leaf basket!

Rich and creamy the Amok curry was delicious and filling. The fish was super tender, juicy and not too flaky, whilst the coconut milk wasn’t too overbearing – something I’ve found to too often be the case in SE Asian curries.

I got lots of fish and lots of rice so I can’t knock the portion size, nor can I knock the price at just $4. Excellent shit!