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A trip to Chiang Mai Walking Street market

30 Sep

There’s a huge Sunday night market in Chiang Mai wherein the roads are closed and, what I can only describe as an ant nest like array of market stalls swarm over the streets.

It’s so narrow that at times the way is almost impassable (especially with the amount of Chinese tourists that appear from nowhere. They only move in herds, like water buffalo or some other herding creature)



There’s people and tat as far as the eye can see.


There’s amazing art work for sale. It’s a shame we can’t take it with us. Fuck posting it, it would probs end up in Antarctica.

We stumbled on a beauty pageant in one cul-de-sac and slowly, awkwardly, backed away.

So much tat for sale

As well as bare jewellery stalls…

We were too pussy to eat any insects. Maybe next time.


Who buys these creepy little guys?

Their eyes are closed and their mouths are open…some made a cock into mouth joke already please…

This Thai couple looked like Edward and Tubbs from The League of Gentlemen, and we’re playing what sounded like the theme song from Nausicaa!

These guys are here every week and attend the local school for the blind. People fucking love them, they’re like the blind Beatles, jamming away through the night.

And finally, here are some clothes that made me laugh.




DARET – Chiang Mai

29 Sep

Found on the ‘east strip’ outside of old Chiang Mai, just up the road from our guest house.

Nice ambience with a lovely river view (don’t tell Aziz Ansari), although tonight there are a few too many creepy old men with young Thai women. #creepymoustache

The prices were bargain basement and the cheapest we’ve found – 50B for a big Chang, reeeesult. I had stir fried pork and bean-sprouts as well as Pad Thai noodles with chicken & veg (togevs = 90B = £1.90)


Taking into account price and the decent food (not the best / not the worst), this was: good shit

(I feel the bold font gives it more pomp 😛 )

The John Gallery – Chiang Mai

28 Sep

We discovered a wonderful shop in Chiang Mai today. It was a haven of hill tribe goods, ranging from art to decorations, jewellery to tools.


However, after poking around for a while we found out that it had a sister shop a few doors down, The John Gallery. It was amazing.

A house-cum-workshop-cum-gallery-cum-shop, The John Gallery is home to John Monoon and over 10,000 works of art all painted by the man himself. A self trained painter, John creates psychedelic and dreamy interpretations of local temples, scenery, and 20th century masterpieces (he has painted some truly wonderful Picasso interpretations); accompanying each piece is an uplifting message, a hokey cliches, or just some oft-quoted rock lyrics.

the man himself: John Monoon

His works of art adorn t-shirts, pebbles, fabric wall hangings, postcards, bookmarks, headbands, books. All of which is housed in a tiny, winding den of a shop beset with cubby holes full of designs and paintings at every turn.

John has amassed his pieces over just 30 years, and in his own words:


I bought a small CD holder/coffee table book for 1000 baht (£20 – totes worth it) – there’s some pix below.

Meanwhile, if you’re ever in Chiang Mai you can find The John Gallery @ 330 Tha Pae Road.




Excellent shit

Chiang Mai – Hot Chili 2

28 Sep

Went back to Hot Chili. Not as impressive second time round. Had local sausage with egg fried rice.


Didn’t live up to expectations, shame really…

Good shit.

My food rating system

28 Sep

So far I’ve been showcasing what I’ve been gobbling up and then saying if it’s good or not. But, I feel now that I should put a proper system in place, so here is my gastronomy system (patent pending, lolzzzz):

from worst to best
Bad shit
Pretty good shit
Good shit
Very good shit
Excellent shit

Expect to see these ratings with more regularity…might even stuff start rating everything with this half assed / blasé system.

Chiang Mai – Taste from Heavan

28 Sep

Lonely Planet recommended restaurant (although I couldn’t find it in my book…) Taste from Heaven is the second veggie place we’ve visited.

I had a mixed veg curry soup – mushrooms, celery, pumpkin, carrot, baby corn, lemongrass, basil, peppers, etc.

Very tasty, but prepare for tastebuds for some serious heat – OUCH

Good shit.


27 Sep

Here are some cool
Buildings I’ve found over the past fortnight. There’s more over on my Flickr (pssst…look right!)